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heatingHEATING/HOT WATER shower


New installation of all types of domestic heating. General repairs & problem shooting experts for ducted heating and wall furnaces.

As well as 6 star energy efficient continuous flow hot water systems. We know what system your needs require. Call anytime



Wanting to switch from septic to sewer and have no idea where to start? We are here to take the stress away. We cater to all new connections for natural gas and sewer lines. Taking care of gas meter connections & all the required paperwork, you can be sure your in good hands and will be involved every step of the way.  We also have experienced staff in Septic tank systems & all waste treatment plants.




Is your storm water system working correctly? Do you need additional pits to cope with heavy down pour?

If the drainage is working in-efficiently around your home you could be compromising the foundations.

We are experts in seepage diversion and sub soil drainage. Receive expert advise from us today.


plumb 1GENERAL PLUMBING.plumb 2

Fridge & dishwasher connections. Bath, shower and laundry plumbing. Expert shower sealing & water proofing issue repairs.

Electric gravity fed system disconnection.  Replacement & repair of old pipe lines. Roof repairs and rainwater tanks.




Bathroom renovations

New gas line installations.

We are expert plumber the domestic plumbing pro’s.

Speak with us today & find out why.

CALL US ON 0400 902 954 NO OBLIGATION QUOTES 0409 025 609

email us at today.

“PIPE-PRO” Experts you can rely on.-All the time, every time!